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PINNED Integration with the Headlight app to transfer data captured in Headlight to SYNCHRO Control
No description provided
PINNED SYNCHRO Field - Update Task Start date based off Earliest Resource Status
I am not sure if this is planned or not, but when we have the ability to update Resource Status through SYNCHRO Field, there should be an option (or Automatic) to change the status of the Task from Planned to Started, and also update the date to r...

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The method to define separator used in automatching rule must be refined

When a separator is defined anything that is written in the separator option is considered a separator. This becomes an issue when the client uses one of the separators while defining element code or task code. The rule doesn't work properly. Exam...
Jerry David Jaypaul 5 days ago in SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2

Properties selection

Currently you can only select 1 item and identify properties in the model. When selecting more than 2 items, even if they are apart of the same system, the model is unable to give the properties. Would you be able to adjust this feature so that yo...
Helen Whitcher 6 days ago in SYNCHRO Field / Models | Tools 0

I would like the ability to attach any form type to my PDF mark up for reference purposes.

I would like to attach/associate any form (RFI, issue, observation) etc to my mark-up.
Beth Buerger 19 days ago in SYNCHRO Control / PDF Markup 1 Planned

Ability to Export a PDF from contracts tab.

As a user, I would like to export a PDF of Contracts, PCOs, COs, and payment applications similar to the functionality within the forms module.
Jonathan Cunningham 5 days ago in SYNCHRO Contracts / Settings 0

refreshing browser does not land at where I was in browser. Retain view after refresh

When looking at a schedule of instances of a form (more than 1000 instances) to get to a specific range of instances I have to click multiple times on the paginated list at the bottom of the register. Once there if I press F5 or refresh the screen...
Kiril Tasev 6 days ago in SYNCHRO Control / Forms 0 Future consideration

Batch load/unload 3D objects by filters

The issue described here: I would consider utilising the Filters tab in 3D View properties window for ...
Patryk Makowski 14 days ago in SYNCHRO 4D Pro / Filters/Tables 0 Likely to implement

civil tools in control iModel

hello - is it possible to hide the "civil tools" in the toolbar shown in the attachment? Or show it only when Civil is used as the connector? Or add a selection asking project type - civil, commercial, industrial... and "civil tools" shows when "c...
Shaohua Guan 7 days ago in SYNCHRO Control / Civil Tools 0

I want to be able to "attach" issues from the entire project to a plan set mark up, not just be limited it to the issues on the drawing.

No description provided
Beth Buerger 19 days ago in SYNCHRO Control / Plan Sets 1

Adjust canvas width in full screen mode

When opening an existing form in the work window, there is an option to adjust the width of the form which has proved to be very useful with some of our larger forms. When opening a new form, it pops up in a new window in full screen mode and ther...
Charlie Button 20 days ago in SYNCHRO Control 0 Likely to implement

Expand subcontractor user permission

Allow Subcontractors to manage people data and supervisor roster, and run the Usage / Attendance / Exception reports / people exports
Duncan Turner about 1 month ago in SYNCHRO Perform / Administration 0 Future Consideration